• Upcycled Bike Chain Bracelet
This cool super-tough bracelet has been carefully made from used bicycle chain and bike inner-tubes made without the use of glue, tape, or thread, resulting in a piece of unique jewelry that will stand the test of time. This clever combination of rubber and steel is bound to impress the bike geeks in your life, and look snazzy with just about anything. The chain links in this Bracelet have all been carefully DE-greased and cleaned, and still show the character and the miles these recycled products have ventured on in there long life. Some of the inner-tubes will also show the size and manufacture details on them, this only adds to the raw coolness of these products. The Bracelet measure 6.5 inches(16.5 cm) long and will adjust to fit any wrist over that length. One size fits all Who knows what journey these recycled parts have been on...

Upcycled Bike Chain Bracelet

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